PolyTrue™ aspheric/atoric, optically superior, enhanced clarity polycarbonate lenses.

For all their benefits, polycarbonate lenses have always been afflicted with compromised optics and quality issues. PolyTrue™ Enhanced Clarity polycarbonate lenses from GSRx change all of that - making them a better choice for patients of every age. 

Optically Superior
: Patented ECP-9™ manufacturing process eliminates stress distortion and birefringence found in typical injection-molded polycarbonate lenses.
: Superior clarity and accurate surface powers from edge to edge.

Thinner, Lighter, and Stronger
: Advanced aspheric/atoric design creates a lens that is 14% thinner and 27% lighter than standard polycarbonate.
: Superior material integrity virtually eliminates the cracking, chipping, and flaking traditional polycarbonate lenses are subject to. 
: Fewer redos and returns as a result of the higher-quality material’s reduced breakage. 

Actual, untouched images of traditional polycarbonate birefringence vs. PolyTrue™. 

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