Infinity® premium Non-glare coatings for maximum clarity, superior durability, and easy cleaning.

Premium Non-Glare Coatings
Maximum Clarity • Superior Durability • Easy Cleaning
: High-efficiency anti-reflective performance for enhanced clarity and appearance
: Durable thermal-cured hard coating for high scratch-resistance (Bayer score 8.35*)
: Index-matched in 1.50 and 1.60 for enhanced clarity
: Super hydrophobic, oleophobic and anti-static for easy cleaning 
*COLTS Bayer testing > 8.35 on poly.

Infinity® Non-Glare
: Excellent glare reduction with traditional green reflectance

Infinity® Clear Non-Glare
: Best glare reduction
: Virtually transparent with slight blue reflectance

Hard coat not index matched.

Hard coat index matched.

Index-matching eliminates the “oil slick” effect that results when the refractive index of the coating differs from the index of the lens itself.

Without Non-Glare. 

With Infinity® Clear Non-Glare

: Anti-reflective performance with some UV and blue light protection
: Reflects blue light in the harmful frequency range away from the eye while increasing light transmittance in the rest of the visible range ​

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