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The 4th Dimension of Optimization

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Pupil dilation in low-light conditions increases the impact of higher-order eye aberrations leading to blurred vision - particularly at dusk, night, or on cloudy, rainy days. 

Pupil-Optimized Correction takes into account changes in pupil size, the average spherical aberration of the eye, the patient's add power, and the patient's age to optimize the lens.

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Exclusive US Technology

Data analyzed from over a million eyeglass wearers is used in a patented algorithm to calculate the optimization, making N+D4™ the only night and day technology in the US that does not require specialized equipment to prescribe. 

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epik™ N+D4™ is available as an upgrade to the:

epik™ Variable Series

epik™ SV-Ultimate

epik™ DRV 

Normal refraction

sph -5.25 cyl -0.50 A 13º

Refraction with dilated pupil

sph -5.82 cyl -0.16 A 52º

When pupils dilate in low light, high order aberrations change the refraction resulting in blurred vision. 

epik™ N+D4™ optimizes every viewing point on the lens for clarity at all distances in all lighting conditions.

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