Patients with
out-of-network insurance?



No problem.

See below for how to apply for reimbursement

on prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses.

1. Complete an out-of-network claim.

If the provider is not listed below, visit their website to access forms and information.

​Log in to to complete a claim form and submit it along with an itemized receipt either online or to the mailing address shown.

Vision Service Plan​

Attn: Claims Department

P.O. Box 385018

Birmingham, AL 35238-5018

2. Include Itemized Receipt and Required Documentation.

Note: Receipts for Proper Optics frame and lens packages do not break down the cost of frame and lenses separately since they're priced as a package. Most insurance companies split 50/50 between lenses and frames, so if you run into any problems, please contact GSRx customer service.

3. Submit Forms and Documentation to Insurance Company.

To avoid delays, double check all forms are properly filled out and all required documentation is attached. 

4. Collect Reimbursement.

Depending on the insurance provider, claims are typically processed and reimbursements received within 2-3 weeks. 

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